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To provide you with professional wooden packaging customization and solutions

Kunshan CITY SHENGFENG HARDWARE AND WOOD INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. was established in January 2000, is located in Kunshan City Dianshan Lake Town economic development Zone with convenient transportation and beautiful environment - No. 4 Xinxing Road. Covers an area of 9000 square meters, building area of 7,600 square meters, registered capital of 10 million yuan (RMB). Company mainly produces, fumigation-free wood packaging fumigation, wooden p


ShengFengRecommended products

- Recommended products -

The visible quality,Let you rest assured to choose

- Visible quality, let you rest assured to choose -

  • 01

    Good material

    Solid wood, fine wood, fine texture, fine hand, beautiful appearance, strong bearing capacity.

  • 02

    Are of good quality

    Using pure natural old wood as core material, material durable, long life, high use rate, easy to take care of.

  • 03

    Professional technology

    The product process is complete, the edge is regular without redundant burr.

  • 04

    Meet export requirements

    Selection of environmentally friendly materials and advanced technology production, can provide fumigation certificate.

  • 05

    Custom size

    Size can be customized according to customer needs, according to customer needs for wood drying, disinfection and other treatment.

  • 06

    Economic and practical

    Card, wooden box packaging can be recycled, high quality utilization of resources.

National Service Hotline:0512-57493388

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- Professional wood products manufacturers, let you rest assured to choose -


Experienced, factory direct sales

Experienced and well stocked

  • Have rich production experience and professional technical personnel professional management personnel, supporting large workshops, warehouses and heat treatment warehouse.
  • With large processing equipment, professional technical personnel, special inspectors, administrators and technical workers strong technical force.

Adequate stock and good quality

Guarantee product quality

  • At present, the company has a perfect production line, the daily output of more than 1000 pieces of pallets. Can meet the customer supply cycle.
  • Wood raw material source control, genuine materials, solid and reliable, without the specter of shoddy, jerry, no more quietly emptying.

Professional customization, fast delivery


  • Design economical and applicable card boards for customers to ensure reasonable use of products, timely free delivery and door-to-door packaging according to customer needs.
  • Products immune fumigation, no disinfection, no moth moth, meet the market requirements. Provide entry-exit disinfestation treatment certificate, inspection and quarantine disinfection certificate and other documents.

Attentively service, perfect after sale

Attentive service, perfect after-sales

  • In the specified time to complete the task with quality and quantity, without delay, delivery on time! Address your concerns.
  • 7*24 hours fast response; Specialist one-to-one after-sales service; For you to solve a variety of problems.
  • We will provide you with affordable, high-quality products; Provide perfect after-sales service, sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to cooperate with us.

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From the appearance analysis: the top plate (top plate) of the fumigation-free wood tray (plywood tray) is mostly the wh···


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